Bloom Corporate

Bloom Law also has solid knowledge and experience in national and international corporate and insolvency law. We cooperate closely with experts in Europe and far beyond. As the entrepreneur’s companion, we think along, guide and advise where necessary. Start-ups, scale-ups, mature companies and companies in difficulty are all part of our daily work. Partly due to very frequent appointments by the Enterprise Court in various judicial mandates, we are familiar with various sectors and business contexts.

We also help entrepreneurs outline their corporate structures and guide them through acquisitions, mergers and demergers, due diligence, joint ventures, private equity, venture capital transactions, management buy-outs and buy-ins,… . Where necessary, a team is put together with our tax and/or social law experts.


We also provide strategic advice to companies according to their future plans. In particular, we pay attention to the place of companies in the new economy and help companies deal with e-commerce, artificial intelligence and the Metaverse.

Finally, we also assist companies in resolving their conflicts quickly and efficiently, both internally (between shareholders/directors) and externally (suppliers, customers, competitors, government, …), taking court into account only as the very last scenario. We always strive for negotiated and mediated solutions that are supported by all parties. We also unburden entrepreneurs in handling their conflicts, if the need arises.