Bloom Alternative Dispute Resolution

Bloom Law is an absolute advocate and strong supporter of all extrajudicial dispute resolution methods, also in conflicts with the government, including the tax authorities. First of all, prevention is always better than cure, but if you do find yourself in a conflict, you can call on the Bloom Law ADR experts to help you find the best strategy and way to resolve the conflict out of court. The most suitable route will also depend on -among other things- the complexity of the dispute, the phase the conflict is in, the legal context (or lack thereof), the nature of the parties, whether or not it is cross-border in nature, etc.

Among other things, our ADR experts assist our clients in negotiations (collaborative or otherwise), and in starting or going through mediation. Some of our ADR experts focus only on out-of-court dispute resolution methods and will refer clients to a lawyer-court expert should they fail to bring the clients/parties to an agreement. Bloom Law has one of the still rare recognised mediators in board cases, and several recognised mediators in civil and commercial cases.


In addition, Bloom Law also has several lawyers who are Federally recognised collaborative negotiators. Several of our ADR experts are also attached as lecturers to various mediation and negotiation organisations where they pass on their knowledge and expertise.